Winnemucca Nevada


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Winnemucca Nevada

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Winnemucca Nevada is a long way off the outlaw trail.  It is also a long way off from Cassidy's usual stomping grounds. Regardless, the First National Bank was the target.  Cassidy was concerned that the outlaw profession was in serious trouble due to the rapid communications lawmen enjoyed. They had telegraph lines, trains that crossed the country in days, and those pesky Pinkertons with a personal vindeta against him.  Cassidy wanted to go to South America and needed money.  He and Sundance got $32,640 from Winnemucca.


They cut cross country to Robbers Roost, then connected to the outlaw trail and went south.  They eventually ended up in Fort Worth, Texas.  It seems they spent a lot of their money celebrating.  One evening, after celebrating too much, Cassidy, Sundance, Kid Curry, Bill Carver, and Ben Kilpatrick posed for the famous photo of the the Wild Bunch.  They mailed a copy to the Winnemucca Bank with a thank you note for the contribution.  That action provided the law with their first photo of the men they were chasing. From that moment on, they could run, but they could not hide.

As I said, Winnemucca is a long way off.  Even for me.  I have been there several times in the past few years but never for the purpose of plotting a trail to Robbers Roost.  Maybe someday I will get that done.  No promises.


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