Outlaw Trails


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Wilcox, WY train robbery
There is not a historic marker for the train robbery near Wilcox. .

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Cassidy had moved onto the WS Ranch in New Mexico.  The owner of the ranch was losing cattle to rustlers so fast he was going out of business. Butch and his pals put a stop to that very quickly.  None of the rustlers were arrested and no one knew what happened to them.  They just sort of disappeared.


Cassidy liked the layout of the ranch and so far lawmen had not found him there.  Unfortunately, the rest of the gang wanted more action.  Now, keep in mind, this is only one version of what happened.


Cassidy put together a plan for robbing the train at Wilcox, Wyoming.  He decided not to take part personally because of his promise that got him pardoned from the prison in Laramie years earlier.


His gang stopped the train near Wilcox at just past 2am in the morning on June 2, 1899.  They blew the baggage car apart just like in the movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.


Although historians seem to agree that Cassidy planned it, many believe the robbery was actually pulled off by Kid Curry, Flat Nose George Curry, and Cassidy's best friend, Elsa Lay. Kid Curry claimed that Sundance was involved which fits in with the fact that Sundance and Kid Curry had ridden together for years.  Kid Curry also claims that Elsa Lay was not there because he had gotten bored with life on the WS ranch and left Cassidy to ride with the Ketchum gang.  That makes sense too considering the trouble he got into at Folsom, NM.


The robbery at Wilcox was a tremendous success. Everything went like clockwork and the loot taken ammounted to about $30,000.


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