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WS Ranch

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The WS Ranch (near Alma, New Mexico) was on the south end of the outlaw trail.  Members of The Wild Bunch worked this ranch as well as many others to hide from the law.  They acted like normal cowboys and were very good at the trade.

The ranchers in the area knew Cassidy as Jim Lowe. Although they knew who he was, they knew as long as he was working for them, no rustler would dare enter the area. The last time we were there, the former ranch land was a home development area.


The nearest town to the ranch is Alma, NM.  We found a roadside cafe still running in 2004 but nothing else.  East of Alma is the ghost town of Mogollon

Mogollon, New Mexico

The ghost town of Mogollon is all privately owned but fun to drive through and admire the old buildings.

The road through town is a dead end but the drive up to it is a very scenic experience.  There are businesses open including a small museum.  We were there very late in the year and the businesses were closed.  That was in the fall of 2004.


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