Tipton, WY train robbery


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Tipton WY train robbery
There is not a historic marker for the robbery.  The actual west of Tipton.

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The Tipton, Wyoming train robbery occurred at just past 8pm on August 29, 1900.  This was almost a rerun of the Wilcox robbery.  Although there is evidence that Cassidy and Sundance were involved, most historians believe they were already in Nevada planning the Winnemucca holdup.  Kid Curry also claimed that the two were in Nevada.  That debate will never be settled.

Kid Curry was at Tipton and was probably the one who blew the safe with a little too much dynamite.  Ben Kilpatrick and Bill Carver were also likely involved since they ended up in Forth Worth with Kid Curry to pose for the famous Wild Bunch


photo with Cassidy.  The movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid got two facts correct.  First of all, Woodcock was the same guy guarding the safe in the baggage car at Wilcox and at Tipton just like in the movie. Secondly, the baggage car was destroyed in both  robberies.  The contents of that safe were debated.  Reports are as little as $50 and as much as $55,000.

The reasoning behind the theory that Cassidy and Sundance were not involved is the 21 day period between the Tipton robbery and the Winnemucca robbery.  A horseback ride from Tipton to Winnemucca is possible as proved many times before, however it would be very tiring.

The counter-theory is that nothing was taken during the Tipton robbery and Cassidy was determined to get a stake for his trip to South America.  That argument seems a little shakey to me.

According to Kid Curry, the outlaws involved went south to the Powder Springs hideout in Browns Hole.  Some time later, they met one of Cassidy's brothers who told them Cassidy went to Fort Worth.


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