Outlaw Trails


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Robbers Roost
When on the Roost, the nearest gas and supplies is hours away.

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Robbers Roost was unlike any of the other hideouts on the outlaw trail.  This desert terrain is full of canyons where an outlaw could hide for years and never be found.  For that reason, outlaws spent a lot of time there.  Its reputation of being inhabited by hundreds of outlaws kept lawmen from entering its vast wilderness.


It now borders Canyonlands National Park and Glen Canyon Recreation Area.  Much of it is guarded by the very government that did not dare cross its boundaries during the days of the Wild Bunch.


Silver Tip Springs
Silver Tip Spring and Cave

Before Robert LeRoy Parker became known as Butch Cassidy, he ran stolen horses across Robbers Roost by way of Angel Trail.  That herd was taken south on the outlaw trail and then to Telluride, Colorado where Parker behaved himself for a few years before robbing his first bank. After making that career change, he and his pals spent a lot of time on the Roost.  They eventually moved their operations to Browns Hole where Cassidy became known as the leader of the Wild Bunch.


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