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Horse Trail

The mesa at the top of Sidís Mountain is enormous and covered with trees and huge rock formations. They fanned out and started looking for a trail leading to the cabins.  Darkness was moving in fast and a strong wind began blowing from the west.  They were not prepared to handle either one, but they were too excited to give up.  They continued searching for the cabins, while the biting wind warned of a fierce weather front coming their way.


"It's getting dark, South Paw," Outlaw yelled over the howl of the wind.  "If we don't find this place soon, we're gonna hafta give up!"


"Over here," he called.  "It's an old horse trail.  It's gotta be the trail to the cabin!"


They were nearly running, partly from the excitement of the hunt and partly to keep warm.  The trail led them through an old gate and headed directly for a clump of trees.  Then they saw the cabin on stilts ... standing tall and proud as it had done for decades.



Sids Mountain Cabin

Two cabins

Older cabin
On one of our trips, we met some cowboys that had come to the top on a horse trail.  Click here for Page 5.

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