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In his instructions, George told Ralph to camp on that Sand Bar and get ready for a long and grueling hike to the top of Sidís Mountain.  He didnít tell them the side canyon would split in several directions forming several other washes.


They explored three such washes before locating the one George told them about.  In that particular wash, enough of the mountain wall had crumbled to permit hiking to within twenty feet of the first level.  The challenge is getting up Chicken Rock.

Climbing Sids Mountain
The climb starts out easy.

Looking at the climb ahead
Follow the white line.

Gets more technical Chicken Rock


Getting up Chicken Rock
Chicken Rock requires
"No Fear!"

A split in the wall provided handholds to climb that 20-foot obstacle.  They named it Chicken Rock because some people won't climb it.


Getting onto that first level was key to reaching the other levels, and eventually the top. 

The second level includes scaling steep walls to reach the mesa top of Sidís Mountain, but nothing as technical as that twenty-foot wall between the first and second levels.

Looking  back from the top
 Looking back from the top

Although that trip in 1987 was the first time Pass Patrol visited the cabins at the top of Sids Mountain, it was not the only one.  For several years, they made that journey every year, then the BLM (giving into pressure from environmentalist) closed the road down Saddlehorse Canyon to make

the mountain top  accessible only to those who can carry heavy backpacks and live on dried foods for days.

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