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Fixit pass from a distance
Fixit Pass from a distance

Move a rock here - shovel some dirt there
Moving rocks & shoveling dirt

Precision driving is required
Precision driving is required.

The road over the pass is fixed
Fixit Pass opened

“We’ll fix it,” Tinman chuckled.  “Fixit Pass!”  With that remark, Tinman put a stamp into history. The name "Fixit Pass" stuck.  It stuck so well that even the BLM uses it on their maps. For many years Larry Heck used the name to describe the pass in magazine stories, guide books, and newsletters.  The road over Fixit Pass was first built by uranium miners but remained unnamed until that day in 1987.



When morning came, the group moved a few rocks and shoveled some dirt to make Fixit Pass negotiable.  Before noon, they were in Saddlehorse Canyon driving in the wash along the base of Sid’s Mountain. 


(The road down Saddlehorse Canyon has been closed by the BLM and can no longer be driven in a motorized vehicle.)  


The road wandered in and out of the wash snaking its way between two vertical walls.  During heavy rains, water rushes down those walls and into the wash.  If enough water reaches the wash, it can form a wall of water roaring down Saddlehorse Canyon and emptying into the San Rafael River.


About half way between Fixit Pass and the San Rafael River, the road ended on a sand bar at the mouth of a side canyon. 

Pass Patrol 4x4 Travel Club
Pass Patrol in Saddlehorse Canyon near Stinking Springs
Camped at the base of Sids Mountain
Camped at base of Sids Mtn.

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