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Paarachute, Colorado

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Kid Curry was not successful in much of anything without Cassidy's help.  The Parachute robbery was no exception. In fact, it ended his career as the cold blooded killer of the Wild Bunch.  He and his two pals were chased by the law into the mountains where Kid Curry was killed in a gun fight.  

Of course there are those who say the man killed was not him but the family in Colorado at Sand Creek never heard from him again.  That is the same family that passed the Kid Curry story down to Bruce Lamb who wrote the book about his family and their involvement with Kid Curry. If you get the chance, read that book.  It is very interesting.



Kid Curry's demise pretty much ended the outlaw era.  Butch and Sundance were in South America.  They had invited Kid Curry to go with them but he chose to stay in the US.


The outlaw trail no longer served a purpose and the hideouts became law abiding ranches.  Today, we ride the trails of the outlaws and try to imagine the lives they led.


We have made no effort to follow the Parachute getaway route and look for the place where Kid Curry met his end.  Maybe some day we will do that.



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