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Montpelier Bank Robbery
A large sign has been placed on the street across from the bank.  These three men are on it.

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Butch Cassidy pulled off the Montpelier, Idaho robbery to hire a lawyer to defend his friend, Matt Warner, on a murder charge. Or at least, that is the most popular story.  The robbery occurred on August 13, 1896 at closing time for the bank.


The first photo on the billboard in Montpelier is Butch Cassidy. The second is Elsie Lay and the third is Bob Meeks. The robbery netted more than $7,000.  Apparently that was not quite enough to buy Matt's freedom. The sentence of five years was reduced to three for good behavior.  Matt then became a lawman and stayed away from the outlaw trail.  The book titled Last of the Bandit Riders is based on stories told by Matt Warner to Murray E King (a writer) and revisited by his daughter, Joyce.


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