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Larry E Heck moved to Colorado in 1984 while working as District Manager for a Nationwide Computer Maintenance Company.  He was immediately drawn to visit scenic and historic attractions found in back country locations throughout Colorado and Utah.  

In 1985, he became a free lance writer (part time) and published a short booklet describing some of those locations and how to find them using a 4WD vehicle  Since tht time, Larry has continued his free lance writing activities and produced many dozens of back country guide books, videos, and magazine stories.  His travels have taken him throughout the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond.

Being a free lance photo journalist, Larry's stories have appeared in numerous publications across decades of time. For all of 2007, his back country adventures appeared monthly in Off Road Magazine. For several years, his travels continued to appear monthly in 4Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine.


He has written about many scenic, historic and fun locations including the very popular series about the Outlaw Trail.  Past and present Outlaw Trail material is being moved to this web site:  

During the 1980s and 90s, Larry operated a 4x4 Travel Club called, "Pass Patrol".  A newsletter subscription was offered during that time.  The Newsletter changed names several times but continued from 1985 to 1999.  Some of those newsletters have been recovered and are available on this web site under the Pass Patrol Archives link.


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