Landusky, Montana


Outlaw Trails


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Landusky, MT

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Landusky, MT

Landusky was named afer Pike Landusky.  Pike was  a ruthless killer too but he hid behind a badge.  Unfortunately for the Curry brothers, Pike hated them.


The town of Landusky became the home of Kid Curry after he moved to Montana and before he took to riding the outlaw trail. His real name was Harvey Logan, born in Kentucky or Iowa, raised in Missouri, and eventually drifting to Hole in the Wall in Wyoming.  When not on the run, he lived on his ranch with his brothers south of Landusky, Montana.


Kid Curry was considered the killer of the Wild Bunch. He notched his gun with the blood of those who challenged him.  Some of those who died were lawmen. He claimed they deserved it but of course that was a matter of opinion.


The first man he killed was the one who pushed him into the outlaw lifestyle by arresting him for something he did not do. That first man was the lawman known as Pike Landusky. It started out as a barfight but when Pike realized he was going to lose, he drew a gun and fired it at Kid Curry. Unfortunately for Pike, the gun misfired.  Kid Curry did not give him a second chance.  His gunhand was rattlesnake fast and deadly accurate.  After that, he made no attempt to turn back from the Outlaw Traileven though he would probably have been cleared. Witnesses claimed the killing was self defense since the Pike was the first to shoot.


A short distance southwest of Landusky was a hideout in Hideaway Coulee. That location is now a historic site although it is not well marked.  Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid often used the hideout, however, the cabin there was built by Kid Curry.


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