Hole in the Wall


Outlaw Trails


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Hole in the wall is in the V shape in the back. It is a long hike without a horse.

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The most famous of all the outlaw hideouts on the outlaw trail was Hole in the Wall.  It was active for cattle rustling long before Cassidy's Wild Bunch moved in.  It has been portrayed in countless fiction books and movies as a narrow canyon with only one entry.  If you believed that portrayal you will be surprised when you get there. 


Hole in the Wall is on public land, however it is nearly surrounded by private property.  The vehicle access to it crosses the Willow Creek Ranch which is a working guest ranch.  It can also be accessed on foot across public land.  Cabins for rent, horses for rent, cookouts, and trail rides to Hole in the Wall are all on the agenda at Willow Creek.  


The outlaw cabin at Hole in the Wall is no longer standing, however, the Willow Creek Ranch now has cookouts at that location.  The two photos below were taken at about the same location and angle.  Compare the hills in the background.  


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