Outlaw Trails


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The list of Wild Bunch robberies is in the order they occurred.  The blue shaded ones indicate Cassidy's involvement. I use him in the list as the leader of the Wild Bunch even though he did not participate in all their activities.

If you click the   logo in the left column beside the robbery you want to access, you will go to the descriptions from the map page. You will be able to read the description and to link the map for where the holdup occurred..


The outlaw trail was more of a terminology than a precise route across country.  It was first used to move rustled cattle between the hideouts where they were fattened for market. The main hideouts were Hole in the Wall, Browns Hole, and Robbers Roost. but there were many more.

Go to Telluride 06/24/1889 Telluride, Colorado Bank Robbery.
Visit Delta


Delta, Colorado Bank Robbery
Montpellier, Idaho 08/13/1896 Montpellier, Idaho Bank Robbery
Castel Gate, Utah 04/21/1897 Castle Gate Payroll Robbery
Belle Fourche, South Dakota 03/28/1897 Belle Fourche, South Dakota Bank Robbery
Wilcox, WY 06/02/1899 Wilcox, Wyoming Train Robbery
Folsom, NM 07/11/1899 Folsom, New Mexico Train Robbery
Tipton, WY 08/29/1900 Tipton, Wyoming Train Robbery
Winnemucca, NV 09/19/1900 Winnemucca, Nevada Bank Robbery
07/03/1901 Exeter Creek, Montana Train Robbery
Parachute, Colorado 07/07/1903 Parachute, Colorado Train Robbery



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