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This list of Wild Bunch hideouts is probably not complete but it includes the ones I have visited.  These are on the Outlaw Trail and the list does not include those that were scattered around away from the main route.


If you click on the   logo beside the name of the hideout, you will go to the description and can then access the map for its location.

Go to Landusky, Montana Landusky, Montana

Landusky became the home of Kid Curry after he moved to Montana and before he took to riding the outlaw trail.

Hideaway Coulee, Montana

This one was located on an island of the Missouri River in the Missouri Breaks.

Go to Hole in the Wall Hole in the Wall, Kaycee, Wyoming

Hole in the Wall is the most famous of all the hideouts on the outlaw trail.  It was active for cattle rustling long before Cassidy's time.

Go to Browns Hole Browns Hole at three Corners

Cassidy's headquarters were at Powder Springs on the northeast corner of Browns Hole.

Go to Robbers Roost Robbers Roost, Hanksville, Utah

Robbers Roost is in desert terrain full of canyons where an outlaw could hide and never be found.

Go to WS Ranch WS Ranch, Alma New Mexico

Members of The Wild Bunch worked this ranch while hiding from the law.  


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