Hide Away Coulee


Outlaw Trails


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A cow trail to the water's edge comes from somewhere farther up the Coulee

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Pass Patrol's search for the outlaw cabin began in 2004. Larry and Mike took a raft to Grand Island and also hiked part of Hideaway Coulee from the mouth toward the head.  There are only two ways to reach Grand Island.  One is by boat and the other is to hike Hideaway Coulee and then wade water.  We only explored a short distance due to lack of time.  We still had a long float ahead of us to get to the bridge where the vehicle was parked.


They did not find the cabin.  Little did they know, they had already passed within a few feet of the cabin in their vehicles the previous day.  With the logs scattered and then grown up with brush, the cabin was well hidden.


Grand Island at the mouth of Hideaway Coulee

In this photo, Grand Island is in the back with the trees. The raft is at the mouth of Hideaway Coulee.


Our float trip was in September.  The dams on the river control water flow so predicting it would be difficult.  Due to low water, we had to push our way through some sand bar areas and around some boulders in the water.  It was a fun trip.  If I get the chance to do it again, I might time it for July to be closer to the real time of year the outlaws were there.


Even then, the water flow will be nothing like they experienced due to the dams.



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