Hide Away Coulee


Outlaw Trails


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Kid Curry's Cabin
Not much left of Kid Curry's Cabin.  Just a few scattered logs.

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The only thing left of the cabin in Hideaway Coulee is a few scattered logs.  It was originally built by Kid Curry and Jim Thornhill in the days before Kid Curry became an outlaw.  They used it while rounding up mavericks and mustangs.  The first time it was used to avoid the law happened when Kid Curry's brother, Lou, got a girl pregnant in Landusky.  It just so happened the girl was the daughter of a local lawman named Pike Landusky.  Pike would not let Lou and his daughter get married and swore to kill Lou on sight.  That started a feud between Landusky and the Curry brothers that ended with Pike in a grave and Kid Curry on the run.


In the early summer months of 1901 a band of outlaws came together at Hideaway Coulee to plan the train robbery at Exeter Creek. 


According to a diary written by Jim Thornhill, those outlaws included Kid Curry, Sundance Kid, Camillo, and Ben Kilpatrick.  They were waiting for word from Butch Cassidy as to when the train would be hauling the biggest load.  The message that came was encoded.


On July 3 of 1901, they robbed the train and raced back to Hideaway Coulee to avoid the posse's that were looking for them.  They continued past the cabin to the Missouri River and took a raft to Grand Island where they could defend against any posse that might track them down.  In those days there were not any dams to control the flow and the river was raging from snow melt in the mountains. The lawmen never found them.  The outlaws waited a few weeks, then took the Outlaw Trail going south to Texas.

It is possible to drive to the remains of the cabin but to actually find the logs, will require getting out and walking through the brush. This photo was taken from the hilltop.

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