Folsom New Mexico Train Robbery


Outlaw Trails


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Folsom Train Robbery
The robbery occurred on this curve where the train slows down.

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Elsa Lay became involved with the Ketchum gang looking for more action. Cassidy did not like the Ketchums and they were not welcome at the WS Ranch where Cassidy was hiding.  


Whatever the reason, Lay ignored Cassidy's advice and  that ended his outlaw career. He left Cassidy to join the Ketchums in robbing the train near Folsom, New Mexico.   First of all, the safe on the train was empty and things got worse after that.  


After the robbery, the gang split up.  Sam Ketchum and Lay went to a nearby hideout.  Some reports claim Kid Curry was in on the robbery.


Ghost town of Folsom
The ghost town of Folsom.

Kid Curry claimed he met Ketchum and Lay at the hideout after the robbery and was still there when the posse arrived. Sam Ketchum was shot once, Lay was shot twice, and a lawman was killed.  No one was arrested that night and Curry got away taking Lay with him.  Ketchum was captured but soon died of his wounds.  Lay recovered from his wounds but was captured at another location and sent to prison.  Curry escaped.


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