Outlaw Trails


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Border Crossing
US on the left.  Mexico on the right.
We found this road west of Columbus

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This is the fence we found between New Mexico and Mexico. No wonder getting into the US is an easy walk.  There was a road on each side of the fence but we saw nothing on either one. If you spend any time on the border, you may become acquainted with the Border Patrol.  They have cameras everywhere.  I got to meet two of them on one of my trips after driving on the road pictured in the previous page. 


This was probably not the regular crossing of the Outlaw Trail into Mexico.  A book titled, The Outlaw Trail by Charles Kelley, shows the crossing west of El Paso.  It seems the trail's location in New Mexico is fuzzy in the mind of historians.


Columbus New Mexico

For my purpose, the Outlaw Trail ends in Columbus, New Mexico.  After driving along the border and then being chased by the Border Patrol, I decided the trip was over.


There is no way to know how many rustled cattle were taken across the border near here in the 1800s.  There is no reason to believe the Wild Bunch bothered to cross.  Cassidy used the WS Ranch to hide out and had no reason go further south.


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