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Delta, CO

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The McCarty family was causing trouble before Cassidy became famous and before the term, Wild Bunch, was being used to describe the outlaws.  They did not have the same standards such as avoiding taking anyone's life.  

Although Tom McCarty was involved in the Telluride bank robbery that Cassidy participated in, there is no indication that the two rode together after that.



Farmers and Merchants Bank Robbery in Delta, Colorado, September 6, 1893 was attempted by Tom McCarty and two of his relatives. Cassidy was not involved.  As for the robbery, it started out badly for the bank teller and ended badly for the outlaws.  The bank teller was killed in the bank and the shot that killed him brought the town out into the street.  As the McCartys tried to run, a local man killed two of them.  Tom was the only one to escape and all he had to show for losing his brother and his brother's son, was $100.  

This was the last known robbery for Tom McCarty.  He and his family had done a lot of damage across the West, but losing his family seemed to change his taste for living as an outlaw. It is said that he often threatened to kill the man who shot the other two robbers out of the saddle, but never made good on that threat.  After writing to his family in a biography format, he simply vanished without a trace.



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