Circleville Utah


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Robert LeRoy Parker was born in Beaver, Utah.  He was a teenager when the family moved from Beaver to Circleville Utah.  The Parker home (pictured above) was a rustlers hideout before the Parkers moved in.  When they bought the property, an outlaw by the name of Mike Cassidy stayed on as a hired hand.  That outlaw became mentor for Robert.  For that reason, Robert assumed the last name of Cassidy for his outlaw activities.  Eventually, he took on the first name of Butch and went into history along the outlaw trail as Butch Cassidy.


Butch Cassidy's parents are buried in Circleville.

Robert LeRoy Parker left his home near Circleville, Utah at the age of 18 in the year of 1884.  Some historians believe he joined Mike Cassidy in the theft of some horses and took them to Telluride, Colorado.  To protect the family name, Robert took on the name of Cassidy and eventually became Butch Cassidy.


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