Outlaw Trails


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Site of Castlegate holdup
This historic marker site has a plaque for the holdup and other events that took place at the mining town, which no longer exists.

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If there was anyone who did not know who Butch Cassidy was, he introduced himself in 1897 with the robbery at Castlegate, Utah.  This was declared the most daring and well planned holdup ever committed by any outlaw.  It is credited as being the heist that earned Cassidy his leadership position.  


On Wednesday, April 21, 1897 at just past noon, more than $8,000 of payroll money was taken by the Wild Bunch.  The most popular view is that Cassidy, Elsa Lay, and Joe Walker pulled it off. Walker's only part in it was to cut the telegraph wires. Cassidy and Lay had everything planned out.


They left town on two very fast race-quality horses. Somewhere near Cleveland, they had two long distance horses stashed.  Although these were not the fastest at short distance, they could run for hours.  The third stash of fresh horses was at Mexican Bend on the San Rafael River.  Once again, these were long distance horses that would take them to Robbers Roost.


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