Browns Hole is now called Brown's Park


Outlaw Trails


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Browns Hole

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Browns Hole was and still is the best of all the hideouts for raising cattle.  Since it spans across the borders of Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado, it was possible for rustlers to avoid a sheriff from any of the three states by simply moving his herd across one of the borders.

The reputation of the area for being home to the worst of personalities, even the post office refused to go there.  It would drop all mail at Jarvie's Outpost on the far west side across the border into Utah.  Anyone in the Hole that wanted mail had to visit Jarvie's to get it.  


Jarvie's Outpost

Jarvie's Outpost has been maintained by the National Park Service and has been well furnished.  Numerous events are held at the location and there is a video room to view a history of the outpost and the life of Jarvie.

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