Outlaw Trails


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Belle Fourrche

This Wells Fargo Bank is now in the location where the Butte County Bank once stood.

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During 1897, Kid Curry and Sundance Kid were running together and stirring up trouble everywhere they went.  When they heard about Cassidy's success in Castlegate, they decided to show what they could do by hitting the Butte County Bank in Belle Fourche, South Dakota.  


This was familiar territory for Sundance Kid.  As a younger man, before he was Sundance Kid, he worked on the VVV ranch as a ranch hand.  As Harry Longabaugh, he was convicted of stealing a horse from his boss and locked away in the Sundance, Wyoming county jail.  Harry Longabaugh went in and Sundance Kid came out.  From that experience, he was forever dedicated to the outlaw trail.  


The lands once claimed by the VVV Ranch are currently owned by numerous ranchers, however, the location of the former VVV Ranch headquarters falls into one.  The VVV Ranch shows up on DeLorme's TopoUSA mapping software, however, there is nothing there today.


Kid Curry, Sundance Kid and their pals did not have Cassidy's talent in planning a robbery.  They gave it a good try but no cigar.  First of all, they sent Tom O'Day in the night before the robbery to check things out.  Tom ended up in the saloon and never made it back to the rest of the gang.


When the outlaws rode into town the next day, they entered the bank only to find out the safe was on a timer and could not be opened for another half hour.  They would have waited except someone outside noticed unusual activity in the bank and started yelling something about bank robbers which got the attention of the rest of the town.  


The outlaws had no choice but to make a run for it. All that noise woke Tom up from where ever he was sleeping it off but he was still a little too drunk to get on his horse.  The horse made a break for it but Tom was not on board.  He hid in the outhouse behind the saloon.  Someone saw him go in and he was arrested.

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