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Pass Patrol on Robbers Roost

The most isolated of the three hideouts was and still is "Robbers Roost". It's located about thirty miles south of Green River, Utah and about that same distance east of Hanksville, Utah.  There is no access east of Robbers Roost due to the Colorado River and the closest town to it from the south is a long loop ending back in Hanksville. 


Other hideouts include Hideaway Coulee in Montana and the WS Ranch in Alma, New Mexico where Cassidy often worked under the alias of Jim Lowe while waiting for the trail to cool off.


Robert LeRoy Parker left his home near Circleville, Utah at the age of 18 in the year of 1884.  Some historians believe he joined Mike Cassidy in the theft of some horses and took them to Telluride, Colorado. 



To protect the family name, Robert took on the name of Cassidy and eventually became Butch Cassidy. Butch worked in Telluride for about five years without getting into serious trouble. During those years in Telluride, Butch became friendly with Matt Warner and Tom McCarty.  They had a horse named Betty that was frequently challenged but never beaten in a race.  For a period of time, the three of them made a good living racing Betty and gambling on her wins.  Eventually, they ran out of people who would bet against their horse and their income dried up.


Warner convinced the other two to help him rob the Telluride bank.  In doing so, he introduced Butch Cassidy to the excitement and rewards of becoming a bank robber.  During the next twelve years, Butch would participate in many robberies, spend some time in a Wyoming prison, and become the leader of the Wild Bunch..


Other links in this web site discuss some of those robberies and more of the Wild Bunch story.


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