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Rustled Cattle

Using the existing hideouts, outlaws delivered their cattle to markets in Canada and Mexico.  There were markets in both areas that did not ask questions about brands.  In doing so, the Outlaw Trail was established.


Rustlers never called it the Outlaw Trail.  That came later when writers began using the name in their stories, most of which were fiction.  Hole in the Wall became the favorite fiction-writers hideout simply because they liked the name.


Siince anyone who broke the law was said to be on the Outlaw Trail or Owl Hoot Trail, that may have inspired the name. On the other hand, the Outlaw Trail was never a road that could be pointed to, graded, or paved.  It was simply wide open lands that had to be crossed to connect one hideout to another.



Outlaws avoided following a trail that showed signs of frequent traffic. They were constantly on the lookout for Cattle Baron hit squads, lawmen and Indian raiding parties.  The route they used would also change if heavy rain caused them to move miles in either direction to find a safe river crossing. For years, the outlaw trail and the various hideouts were primarily utilized by rustlers.


Then came the real outlaws, the train robbers, like Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid, Kid Curry, Big Nose George, Elzy Lay, Gunplay Maxwell, Peep O'Day, Silver Tip, Indian Ed, and many, many more.  They became the subjects of hundreds of books, articles, movies, and plays about "The Wild Bunch".  So much was written, so little was known ... no one knows which was fact and which was fiction.


"The Wild Bunch." "Train Robbers Syndicate." "The Hole in the Wall Gang." They ran the trail from Canada to Mexico with three major hideouts and countless others along the way.


"Hole in the Wall" (heavily use by rustlers) was the most famous of the three major hideouts and is still located  in a remote valley near Kaycee, Wyoming.


"Brown's Hole" was the one most used by cattle rustlers with Cassidy's headquarters at Power Springs.  It is still prime ranch land in the northwest corner of Colorado.

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